BEGIN: Burlington County Fairgrounds Parking Lot: #1974 Jacksonville-Jobstown Road, Columbus, NJ.


RIGHT TURN           SS            Onto Jacksonville-Jobstown Road (Rte 670)                                       


RIGHT TURN           **            Onto Jacksonville-Hedding Road (Rte 628)                                         


RIGHT TURN           **            Onto Florence-Columbus Road (Rte 543)                                            3.6 miles


                                                VIEWING AREA: HOMESTEAD PLAZA


Straight                                   West Main Street

Straight                   **            East Main Street    VIEWING AREA: VILLAGE OF COLUMBUS

Straight                                   Mount Pleasant Road                                                                                           

Straight                   SS            Cross Gaunts Bridge Road


RIGHT TURN                           Onto Applegate Road                                                                                            9.4 miles


LEFT TURN              SS            Onto Monmouth Road (Rte 537)


Straight                   **            Cross Route 68


RIGHT TURN                           Onto Highland Road (KEEP LEFT THROUGHOUT)


                                                VIEWING AREA: MCGREGOR’S GARDEN


Straight                                   Springfield Road (KEEP LEFT THROUGHOUT)


                                                VIEWING AREA: SPRINGFIELD MEETING HOUSE


RIGHT TURN           SS            Onto Saylors Pond Road                                                                        12.6 miles


RIGHT TURN                           Onto Sperling Court (ENTER SECOND ENTRANCE—PAST FIRE HOUSE)

                                                LOOP AND PARK AROUND TO EXIT AT SPERLING COURT)


                                                REST AREA: Croshaw Park – Men’s & Women’s Restrooms, Pavilion Reservation


RIGHT TURN           SS            Onto Saylors Pond Road


                                **            Cross Route 68                                                                                                       15.9 miles


LEFT TURN                              Onto Juliustown-Georgetown Road (Rte 663)


                                                VIEWING AREA: VILLAGE OF JULIUSTOWN


RIGHT TURN           SS            Onto Juliustown Road (Rte 669)


                                SS            Cross Pemberton-Arneys Mount Road


                                SS            Cross Rte 206 onto Juliustown Road                                                     20.9 miles


LEFT TURN              SS            Onto Monmouth Road (Rte 537)


RIGHT TURN                           Onto Warner Road                                                                                                


RIGHT TURN                           Onto Craig Drive


                                                VIEWING AREA: SPRINGFIELD ESTATES


LEFT TURN                              Onto John Hancock Drive                                                                      23.0 miles


RIGHT TURN           SS            Onto Jacksonville-Jobstown Road (Rte 670)


LEFT or RIGHT TURN              END: Burlington County Fairgrounds Parking Lot                                23.9 miles

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